Panos Iliopoulos Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Early and modern keyboards, from harpsichord to jazz piano and electronics.
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Track Name: L'Amstellodamoiselle 9/11/2012
for harpsichord solo

Live recording in de Muzerije,
den Bosch (NL), 9.11.2012,
during the prize-winners concert of the
Annelie de Man Competition 2012

Justine Charlet, harpsichord
(Winner of the 1st Annelie de Man Competition
for Contemporary Harpsichord Performance)

Track Name: GZMNLG 5.4.2012 version for harpsichord and electronics
version for harpsichord and electronics

Recorded live at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam,

Panos Iliopoulos, harpsichord and electronics
Track Name: D'Anglebert 20.3.2012
Jean-Henri D'Anglebert (1629-1691):
Pièces de clavecin
(excerpts from the 3rd suite in "d minor")

- Prelude
- Allemande
- Courante / Double de la Courante
- Gaillarde
- Gavotte

Recorded live at Sweelinckzaal,
Conservatorium van Amsterdam,

Panos Iliopoulos, harpsichord